Sauder's West Highland Terriers

lovable wee lads and lasses

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Welcome to Sauder's Kennel

Great News: We now accept Visa and Mastercard for your puppy experience with Sauder's. Unfortunately there is a charge for visa and mastercard service that we must pass on to puppy purchasers. Please ask about this fee so you won't be surprised. We recommend bringing cash and it will save you money. Please ask for details. PUPPIES AVAILABLE NOW TO LOVING HOMES!!!!!!!!! PUPPIES AVAILABLE NOW TO LOVING HOMES!!!!!!!!!

Here at Sauder's West Highland White Terrier Kennel we strive to raise healthy and happy west highland white terrier puppies that will grow up and make a loving family member.  Puppies bred for health, temperament and to become wonderful and loved family companions.

We are located in the country in the beautiful province of Ontario, Canada

Included with your puppy will be all of the following:

A wonderful puppy, microchipped puppy, first shots, vet checked, and also all puppies are dewormed and come with a written health guarantee.  Each puppy comes to you prespoiled and kid approved by our grand children.  Also puppies are supplied with lots of TLC before they leave here for their new forever homes.

I strictly raise pet and companion puppies.  We also do ship our puppies so if you are interested please feel free to ask about the details and costs involved. Sauder's Kennel will not be responsible for anything that happens to the puppy from the time we drop them safely off at the airport until the time the purchaser has the puppy in their possession from the airline. We take the utmost care in travelling with our puppies but cannot be held liable for anything that happens to the puppy once left in the care of the airport or on the flight to their new home. Please consider this before shipping. During winter a cold weather waiver must be signed at the airport to ship a puppy. The planes are heated to a certain degree but it still gets cold. Remember all this when you are shipping. Once again Sauder's will not be responsible for anything that happens to the puppy after they have safely left it in the hands of the airport. Please bear this in mind and weigh all the pros and cons of shipping. No money will be refunded by Sauder's to the purchaser when shipping if any problem arises. Anything that happens to the puppy once left in the care of the airport is out of the control of Sauder's and once again we will not be responsible for this or refund any monies for the puppy if a problem arises or death occurs. Please make sure and bear this in mind when considering shipping a puppy.

We raise wonderful puppies here at Sauder's Kennel that go on to their new and loving forever homes to make someone happy.  Health and temperament are number one priorities at Sauder's West Highland White Terrier Kennel

For breeding purposes we always start with very healthy dogs and all our breeding stock must possess an excellent, wonderful and stable temperament.  We have been involved with westies for many many years.

Westies are great, small, energetic dogs that love to please.  Westies are great with kids and make excellent family dogs.  They do well in city or in country environments.  They can be stubborn so consistency is the main key to success in training.  Some westies do love to dig and can make a mess of your lawn or flowerbeds, so if you have prize flowerbeds you may need to have a fenced area or supervise at all times. Westies can do earth dog trials, agility, obedience or be a lovable playmate. 

Westies do require regular professional grooming to keep them neat and tidy and styled in the westie hair cut.  Regular brushing is also required in between groomings.  Some people prefer the longer shaggier look and if that is the case just brushing and a little trim and tidy up will do. 

The typical standard size and weight for the west highland white terrier should be about eleven inches tall at the withers (back) and the weight is about eighteen to twenty pounds when full grown. 

If you have any questions or would like information on possible upcoming litters please feel free to email me at and I will be more than glad to answer any questions. Email is usually responded to faster than phone. Attention::: You will be able to get all your horse and pet supplies right at Sauder's while picking up your puppy. Sauder's has opened a tack shop/pet supply store May 1/10. Also we are now able to offer Visa and Mastercard services (charges apply for Visa or Mastercard transactions only when used for puppy purchases. Charges are not applied when used for tack or pet supply purchases.) Email for more information.

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