What to Consider When Choosing an E-commerce Website Template

The first determiner of your online store visitors is your web design. As a webpreneur, you can develop your site from scratch or else use the available e-commerce website templates. The second option is better as it saves you money and time for moving your shop to the virtual platform. Besides, it is important to note that just like your physical store requires a particular design and an appealing appearance, so applies to online shops. We recommend Shopify as it offers free website templates that you can try out.

Selecting a wooing e-commerce theme for your online store is the first step to virtual selling success. As such, you need to consider several aspects when choosing an e-commerce website template. Here are some of them:

1. Customization options

Uniqueness is part of gaining a competitive advantage in any physical or virtual selling platform. To create uniqueness on your site, you need a website template that allows you to customize your site based on your preferences. These preferences include but not limited to product image size and display designs, categorization, adaptability as well as adding new features.

Given that e-commerce is an evolving field, you need to consider the ability of your e-commerce theme to configure with innovations and technological developments.

2. Ability to display banners and slides

Rolling images and banners have the power of catching the web visitors’ attention. In particular, people get interested on slideshows and promotional banners. Since you are in business; you need to display product images and testimonials from clients who have already used your product to woo potential ones. A theme with banner and sliders capabilities should be your first choice.

With this features, it would be easier to market your products as well as convert prospects into sales. Hence, when selecting an e-commerce website template, you should ensure that it contains promotional banners and slideshow features.

3. SEO friendly

As an online entrepreneur in this era, the worst mistake you can make is ignoring the SEO factor. Given that online store sales rely on the amount of traffic, optimizing your site for the search engine is not optional. The higher you rank in the search engines based on that particular niche keyword, the better chances of getting high traffic which in turn means more sales.

As such, for you to succeed in your online business, you should ensure that your e-commerce website template comes along with inbuilt SEO optimization features.

4. Responsive and social integration

In the modern world, Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are now internet enabled and most used means of online shopping. Large audiences across the globe are using these devices to search for products and other items from online shops. With this in mind, your site must be responsive to any device your prospective clients use to access it. As such, you have to consider a theme that is mobile device friendly.

As well, ignoring the social integration aspect is the best formula to missing the largest cheap marketing option. Given that social media is currently the largest and ever-growing marketplace, you need to choose an e-commerce website template with social integration features.

5. Layout options

Your e-commerce website design is a key factor. The layout determines the relaying of information on your site. In selecting your e-commerce website theme, you should consider your needs and that which does not require much redesigning. Ask yourself the following questions; will you use graphics and tables? How many text pages will you have? It is essential to consider the layout options available on a theme before selecting it.

When choosing an e-commerce website template, you need to consider several aspects. Customization options, display features, and capabilities, SEO optimization as well as the layout options are some of the fundamental factors to consider when making a final decision on the theme to use on your e-commerce website.

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